My first and current laptop is a MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015) with 16GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. I’ve bought it in 2016 because back then I started to use Macs at work, and I ended up liking them. This machine still works like the first day! Before the Mac I used to have a regular desktop computer with Windows and Ubuntu; you know, the ones you have to assemble by yourself. I got the Mac just before I moved to Germany, so that was another reason to buy a laptop.

Monitor: Dell U2719D. Not bad, but from time to time a vertical blue line appears on the left side of the screen and doesn’t go away until I disconnect all the cables and reset the monitor. Annoying.

I’m using a generic Logitech mouse (wired), and an Apple Magic Keyboard (old model). I’m not that picky when it comes to peripherals, and I may try one day one of those coolnoisyheavy mechanical keyboards.

And the best hardware device I ever bought is my iPOD shuffle (4th generation). I don’t remember exactly when I bought it (perhaps in 2014?), but it still works like the first day. Impressive because this guy uses a Lithium-ion battery that, in theory, should have already went south. I use my iPOD every week when running or playing outdoors. The most inconvenient part would be that the jack/usb cable is very fragile (the original one got broken and then lost). I’m currently looking for a replacement, but so far nothing comes close (perhaps the SanDisk Clip?… too big in comparisonthe Mighty Vibe? It plays nothing but Spotify playlists; so dumb); so if you know some decent and small MP3 player let me know.


I do like to keep dependencies at a minimum. These days I try to run as much as I can in virtual machines. Nevertheless, this is a list of some programs I have installed in my machine: