December 2021

19 Dec 2021
I changed the design of the website one more time. I actually kinda like it now.

July 2021

07 Jul 2021
While I appreciate tools like go fmt, I think third-party linters add little value to already existing projects. Code changes all the time, structure (should) remain more ore less stable; let’s focus on the big picture! An extra semicolon is not going to make the project easier (or harder) to read or maintain—consistency in the upper layers of abstraction brings more value (e.g., don’t put business logic in the transport layer, proper error logging, don’t use logs when metrics are enough, good commit messages for important features, etc.)

June 2021

06 Jun 2021
Once again I have changed the style of the website. I had to update belbo to support content in multiple directories (see 817bd5b), but it turned out I actually didn’t need the feature.

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